First if you are new to affiliate marketing let me first define what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing defined by Wikipedia is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. As an expert of 4 years myself I would like to expand on that definition by adding that affiliate marketing is the practice of finding solutions to people problems, as well as playing “toll both” in the world of traffic brokering.

An affiliate receives commissions for directing web users to their target destination through a tracking link. Now as an publisher you have tons of choices in terms of what is available for you to promote. Publisher is the term used for affiliates in the CPA networks. CPA stands for Cost Per Action. A CPA offer is an offer contained by CPA Affiliate Networks that pay commissions for the publisher getting a visitor to take a required action.

CPA offers vary in different niches from physical to digital products, filling out short and long forms, email submits, and even zip submissions. Yes, you can get paid commissions just for getting a visitor to fill out a field containing their local zip code. Maybe you can see why promoting CPA offers as a publisher can be very profitable.

For some reason, newbies are less likely to promote CPA offers, maybe this is because of the strict enrollment process of acceptance into various CPA networks. CPA Affiliate Networks must enforce certain policies to avoid affiliate fraud. This can make acceptance a little more difficult for newer publishers.

However, I believe that promoting CPA offers in CPA Affiliate Networks are much more rewarding for affiliates, and even easier because you are able to promote offers with significantly lower barrier of entry, brand recognition, and even incentivized offers.